"The first thing Alison ever told me about herself was a lie. Lying was her oxygen. She could do it while she was laughing, she could even do it when she was kissing you.

That’s what’s remarkable about lies. How they can fool you, what they’ll become. Where they can take you. It all…

Everything Alison is not!


This is my take on how the events transpired leading up to Alison’s disappearance. I think that the flashbacks that we have seen occurred over the course of a few years leading up to her disappearance. I may be wrong about this. And I’m not even sure if it matters, it just makes it all make a…

10, 10, 10, 10
First 10 of the season AND a perfect score woohoo!!


In Season 4, Episode 19 “Shadow Play” we see Aria sitting at the diner playing with toothpicks while deep in thought. She has made a very distinct octagon shape with the toothpicks, that looks like she is replicating the shape of the Gazebo on Alison’s property where Bethany was buried by Melissa Hastings. But, we still have yet to find out who actually hit her.
The fact that they chose Aria to be replicating the shape of the Gazebo where the crime takes place is very suspicious. Perhaps, a clue that she knows more about what actually happened “That Night” than we know, or that she was involved in the crime itself?
We know that “Shadow Play” did take place inside Spencer’s mind. Which could also be a clue that Spencer knows about Aria’s connection to what happened “That Night.” Maybe it is buried deep in her subconscious because she was taking those meds “That Night”
There have been experiments done by organizations such as NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) and other healthcare professionals to help people understand what it is like to live with a mental illness. One of the exercises that participants do in these experiments is arrange toothpicks into shapes.
Could this be another clue that Aria does suffer from a mental illness? 
Oh, Aria you’re looking pretty guilty in those black and white stripes!

Major end game theory coming soon.

Im getting a lot of fans saying they think Mona faked her own death. Drawing blood, planning her own demise

HOWEVER I feel like when I see a body, thats the only confirmation of true death..

Alison. No body. Alive
Ian. Body. Dead
Garrett. Body. Dead
Wilden. Body. Dead
Maya. No body. Could be alive
Nate. Body. dead.
Jessica. Body. Dead
Eddie lamb. No body. Alive
Mona. Body. Dead

Needless to say, mona did have a bandaid on in this scene. Maybe Janel Parrish legitimately needed a band aid??

Janel confirmed that Mona is smart and left evidence incase anything happenned to her. This will be the central story behind 5B. Maybe she did need her blood for something. We’ve seen her prick her finger before too.

Basically, mona is dead (I know im sad too) but Mona will be a huge part of flashbacks. He was smart… very smart. Im sure we will see more of her radley stay, and a confirmed reason for that bandage!!!

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Maybe Wren tampered with the evidence and he’s apart of the A team makes sense since he obviously had some sort of relationship to spencer, hanna, mona, and melissa. 

Pretty-little-liars-hints: Could be the case. Unfortunately Julian Morris is super busy shooting movies and other projects. He could very well come in the future!!