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Couldn’t have said it better myself…

Random thought about redcoat

Ok so im seeing theories about 3 redcoats since Ali and Cece were revealed to be good guys. The third has to be the one up to shenanigans.

Heres my crazy random thought..
What if Alison was the one standing there while her grave was being dug up?!

Think about it
-the body was being exhumed so the world would find out she is alive.
-we can assume ali was living under her own house in the basement hiding
-which means she couldve been the one in her room that saw Hanna in “the mirror has 3 faces”

What better way to hide than wear a mask of ur own face.

-when the girls learned about the masks the producers stopped using redcoat and ali masks a lot.
-maybe Ali got scared her mask secret was out and went to New York, she knows her friends r smart and would figure it all out.
-mona knew she was alive so they coudve worked together to dig up the body

Tell me what you think


More Than One Dead Body? 
This is a continuation to my question I asked earlier today & it’s my conclusion as well. I tried putting the pictures in order from how I am going to explain it. Also I’m the one who submitted the Byron & Alison Lolita Book Theory & the A is in love with Ali Theory so thanks for posting them! okay here we go:
The first body that was originally found was when the gazebo was dug up & it’s the one that we once thought was Alison (pic 1). There was an autopsy done (pic 2) & it was later buried in the cemetery (pic 3). Then it was dug up by A & Emily was framed for it (pic 4). Who knows what happened to it before it reappeared on the Halloween ghost train in the ice chest (pic 5)! After it was discovered it was later put in a mausoleum (pic 6).
But this is where you have to go into detail. How did they identify the body that was exhumed from the mausoleum as being Bethany Young if Bethany’s Dental records were tampered with?Let’s not forget that Emily got sent a necklace made from human teeth & Spencer had human finger bones in her bridal show corset (pic 7 & 8). Both were sent by A. Those body parts couldn’t have been from Bethany’s body because the police would have noticed an incomplete body & would’ve had trouble identifying it without teeth & the fingers.
The questions we should be asking are: Whose remains did those body parts come from? Did the police identify an incomplete body? Did the police or A possibly tamper the evidence? Or was the body in the mausoleum not the one that was originally buried?
So, has anyone else thought that maybe Bethany Young isn’t the original girl who was buried in Ali’s grave? I’m hazy on the details but when Emily was framed for digging up Ali’s grave it was the perfect opportunity for A to replace the remains in the grave with remains of another victim. Bethany Young could actually be of little relevance while the original body is what this whole thing is really about.
Hope you guys like it! 

My…thoughts… exactly. Love it!!!!
Happy 25th birthday Keegan Allen!!!!!!
Is it just me… or do these two set off a twin vibe?!